“Big Sale, Today Only!”  “Going Out of Business.”  “All Items 50% Off.”  “Special Terms on 3 Year Leases—No Money Down.”

You are bombarded every day with great sounding offers to save money.  There is nothing wrong with that—so long as they are true.  Sadly, many of them are not.  A company can’t go out of business every few months.  A company can’t claim their products are ‘50% Off Regular Price’, when the product was NEVER sold for the listed ‘regular price.’  A company usually can’t add a ‘parts charge’ when they never had to give you parts. They can’t offer you a no money down deal, only to demand a payment in order to close the deal.  And the list goes on. 

There are more than 30 separate laws in Ohio that protect you as a consumer.  We are familiar will all of them. We are recognized as one of the lead class action firms in this field of consumer protection matters. If you have any questions about your transaction with a business, and the charges involved, or the practice of the company, please call us now.  We will review, without charge, any issue to see if there has been unlawful practices or charges, or if you are not getting what you are paying for, and qualify to get money back or to receive statutory payments.  IF you are a lawyer, call us for similar questions your clients ask you from time to time.  We are available for co-counsel on these, and most other class action matters. 

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