Family Law Attorneys Sensitive to your Needs

Family law matters are difficult and emotional. Our expert attorneys handle each case with dignity and professionalism.

More than any other area of law, domestic relations matters often seem impossible to overcome. A divorce, separation or legal matter involving children is always a difficult and emotional experience. We understand the impact these decisions have on your future and that of your children.

When you engage Dworken & Bernstein you can count on our family law attorneys to:

  • treat your case with professionalism, sensitivity, and the utmost respect for your privacy and your family’s
  • privacy clearly explain your options and help you evaluate each of them
  • provide you with constructive, reasonable choices at fair prices
  • return your calls promptly and keep you up-to-date on all time and billing

There are moments when you might want to speak with your domestic relations lawyer as soon as possible. We make every effort to make ourselves available to you, returning your calls promptly or giving you a time frame for response to your question. In the event of an emergency, we have the support in place to handle your issue when your attorney is in court or out of the office.

One of the Best Firms in Northeast Ohio for Family Relations Law

Our family relations law practice is led by Gary Okin, a Certified Specialist in Family Relations Law. In the state of Ohio, an attorney must meet specific requirements in order to be awarded certification of a specialization. Certification requires a level of legal education and involvement in the field that is above and beyond that expected of most licensed attorneys. Fewer than 1% of Ohio attorneys are awarded Specialist Certification by the Ohio State Bar Association.

The family law attorneys at Dworken & Bernstein are authors in the field of family law and noted lecturers in the profession, something that sets them apart from most divorce attorneys. They are experienced and skillful family advocates in and out of the courtroom.

Please contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Before Contacting Us

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We Will Help you Every Step of the Way

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