When our parents (or even some of us, if we are baby boomers!) opened their first bank account, the bank made their profit on the interest on our money.  Nowadays, with interest rates at an all-time low for many years, banks make their money not on interest, but on fees.  Fees for this, fees for that.  Hidden and even unauthorized charges that, per the CFPB, cost American consumers MORE THAN $1 BILLION dollars per year. 

Many of these charges, rates, fees, etc. are illegal.  Wonder why you were charged a $100+ penalty for a single overdraft, when the fee is supposed to only be $35?  It is called ‘re-ordering,’ and can be illegal.  We have sued for that unlawful practice and forced refunds of millions of dollars to overcharged consumers.  Or, why is there still a bank lien on your home, even though you paid your mortgage (finally!), in full?  It is called ‘late-release’ and it is also illegal.  Ohio law in fact requires banks to pay the customer $250 for every late lien release.  This is more than just that payment, since a continuing lien on your property clouds your title and affects your credit.  We have sued dozens of banks and forced them to release illegal liens on properties throughout Ohio, and pay customers millions of dollars for those late releases.  If you have any questions about a bank charge, fee or practice, please call us now.  We will review, without charge, any issue to see if you have been improperly charged and qualify to get money back.  IF you are a lawyer, call us for similar questions your clients ask you from time to time.  We are available for co-counsel on these, and most other class action matters. 

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