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Dworken & Bernstein’s full-service real estate attorneys understand the complex challenges our clients face when dealing with real estate whether it is their core business, an investment, or a real estate asset that requires management and supervision. We provide comprehensive legal services to our real estate clients, including developers, homebuilders, contractors, engineers, architects, lenders, investors, commercial landlords and tenants, property managers, homeowner and condominium associations, real estate agents and brokers, residential landlords, and homeowners. We have handled a wide variety of real estate sale and development transactions and have substantial experience representing clients in complex real estate transactions, acquisitions, developments, management, leasing, and sale of real estate. Typically, while there is some crossover, real estate law diverges along the needs of commercial and industrial real estate and the needs of residential real estate.


Commercial real estate includes those parcels of land being used by the landowner for the operation of its business even if that business is having people living on the property as with an apartment complex. These commercial parcels have specific zoning requirements, different construction standards, are typically held in business entities, and managed differently than residential property. Commercial real estate requires experienced attorneys capable of addressing the issues that its owners face. Dworken & Bernstein’s attorneys are well versed in representing commercial land owners.


Industrial real estate mirrors commercial real estate in many ways but then contains the unique challenges involved with the manufacturing and production of some sort of product. Frequently, additional zoning requirements and permits are required and environmental issues are amplified. Many times these facilities also have heavier utility needs or have railway access as part of their property. Dworken & Bernstein’s attorneys represent many industrial and manufacturing clients in all aspects of their real estate needs from purchasing and sales, development, land use and zoning, easements, disputes, leasing, and other needs.


Dworken & Bernstein’s attorneys represent land owners and owner associations in all aspects of residential real estate from private sales, building a home on vacant land, building and contractor agreements and disputes, encroachment and boundary line adjustments and disputes, easements, tree and landscaping issues, private and shared drives, utility access, water runoff, neighbor disputes, leasing, and other needs that arise from time to time. 

Our attorneys are well versed in all aspects of real estate acquisition, development, and sale including entity selection and formation; environmental, zoning, condition and other due diligence; financing, loan documentation, mortgages, and closing; 1031 Exchanges; property development and construction; construction contracting, easements and restrictive covenants; management agreements; commercial leasing; brokerage and sale agreements; land use and zoning; and subdivision and plating.  We can assist in all aspects of your real estate needs.

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