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There are many reasons American businesses may want to employ foreign nationals. Dworken & Bernstein’s immigration law attorneys can assist businesses in obtaining employment-based visas to fill any business need.  Applications can be processed both for individuals already in the United States who wish to change or adjust their visa status as well as for those potential applicants outside of the country who will need to apply through a United States consulate through what is known as consular processing.

Our employment-based immigration services include the processing of work visas for all types of employment.  Employers looking for temporary workers have several non-immigrant visa options.  For example, some companies may need only seasonal or agricultural workers, for which they can file H-2B or H-2A visa petitions.  Other employers may need more skilled workers to fill positions that are considered “specialty occupations” that generally require a bachelor’s degree to perform.  These employers would apply for H-1B visas in order to fill those positions.  There are also options for sponsoring foreign nationals temporarily in the areas of academics and the medical system.

Employment-based immigration services can also be provided for employers who wish to sponsor employees for permanent resident or “green card” status in the United States.  An employer wishing to sponsor an individual for permanent employment begins the process by requesting the appropriate certification from the Department of Labor indicating that the employer will comply with the prevailing wage determination and that there are no willing and able U.S. citizens to fill the position.  Once this certification is received, the employer can then file the appropriate visa petition with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, which will allow the employee to receive permanent residence once a visa is available.

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There are additional visa options for those who wish to work in the United States, including visas for intracompany transferees, i.e., those workers who need to be transferred from an overseas branch to an office of the company in the U.S., and temporary and permanent visa options for foreign investors and entrepreneurs.  Representation and assistance with I-9 compliance and audits is also provided as part of Dworken & Bernstein’s immigration legal services.

For knowledgeable, comprehensive service in obtaining employment-based visas, speak to one of the immigration lawyers at Dworken & Bernstein.  The attorneys at Dworken & Bernstein are experienced in handling all types of employment-based matters.  To begin the process, reach out to Dworken & Bernstein for an informative initial consultation. For a quick answer to frequently asked questions about business immigration, see below.

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