Unparalleled experience in the courtroom or boardroom.

Welcome to Dworken & Bernstein, the largest law firm in the Lake, Geauga and Ashtabula County area. For well over 60 years, Dworken & Bernstein has been known as “my lawyer” to thousands of long-standing clients.

Today, a single lawyer cannot adequately provide legal representation in all areas. With 30+ attorneys focusing on distinct and diverse areas of the law, Dworken & Bernstein is able to offer clients comprehensive representation. A commercial real estate matter may touch on estate planning issues. A family matter may overlap with a business concern. A personal injury matter may raise employment issues. As a legal team, Dworken & Bernstein has the expertise to address just about any legal issue that concerns individuals, families or businesses.

As you review our various practice areas, keep in mind that when you work with any single attorney on our team, you will also have access to the expertise and reputation of our entire law firm! 



Keeping Our Clients Informed

What Are the Benefits of a Trust?

What Are the Benefits of a Trust?

Creating an estate plan is the best way to ensure your assets are passed on to your desired beneficiaries after you pass away. While many

When Is it Time to Create a Will?

When Is it Time to Create a Will?

Wills are one of the most common and recognized estate planning tools. The purpose of a will is to ensure your directives are carried out

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