Like real estate or banking matters, there may be unusual or confusing charges on your insurance bill, or issues with the way your insurance company handles your claim. We can help you determine if these charges are legal. Is it legal for an insurance company to charge you more than once for the same coverage, even if you have more than one car in your household?  Can the company reduce the amount of payment on your claim based on depreciation if your policy was for ACV or actual cash value?  What about the practice of demanding you pay back the insurance company for a payment it made for your loss, on the basis you received worker’s compensation, social security, Medicare or Medicaid for that injury?  Is that allowed?  Can the insurance company increase your premium during your policy period? 

We have dealt with these all of these issues and know the answers to be able to guide and protect you from potentially illegal conduct concerning insurance billing and claims payments.   This is one of the largest areas where consumer fraud takes place.  We see such improper practices frequently.  But you should not be overcharged or ripped off on something as important as insurance.  Something where the law considers the relationship a ‘fiduciary’ one—that is, one where the insurance company owes you a special trust and confidence to protect (not take advantage of) your interests.  We have successfully sued agents and insurance companies all over Ohio and other states, for these and other unlawful practices, forcing them to stop and to repay customers millions of dollars.  We are recognized as one of the lead class action firms in this field of insurance consumer matters. If you have any questions about your insurance billing and the charges involved, or how a claim was handled, or something that seems ‘fishy’ to you, please call us now.  We will review, without charge, any issue to see if there has been unlawful practices or charges, or if you are not getting what you are paying for, and qualify to get money back.  IF you are a lawyer, call us for similar questions your clients ask you from time to time.  We are available for co-counsel on these, and most other class action matters. 

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