Robo calls: Ring. Ring.  “Hello?”  “Hello??”  “HELLO!!?”  ..….Silence…….      “This is technical support. Your computer has been infected with a virus.”  Or, “Is this Mr. Smith.  Your Visa is eligible for a no interests refinancing….”

Of course, if you listen some more, the ‘person’ that is ‘talking’ to you isn’t a person at all.  It’s a Robo call.  A computer.  One that ‘talks’ to you.  Or, one that gets you on the phone then puts on a live operator to waste your time about this, that, or the other thing.

But it’s something we have to accept now as part of our daily lives. Right? 

Wrong.  It is something we don’t have to accept, because it’s illegal.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act makes it unlawful to call your phone if you are on the Do Not Call list.  In certain circumstances, the TCPA makes it illegal to call you, even if you are NOT on the Do Not Call list, where the company uses a Robo Dialer, unless you gave prior express consent.  It also makes it illegal to text your phone in certain circumstances, unless you gave prior express consent.  And it requires them to pay you sometimes over $1,000 if they call you without your consent.

The days of having no way to stop these kinds of calls are over.  Many of these suits have generated millions of dollars for consumers, just like you, to stop spam texts and robo calls.  Call us today to discuss stopping Robo calls and texts to your home and mobile phone. The consultation is free.  You deserve to be left alone and be compensated for the time you have wasted, and we have experience suing companies across the U.S. under the TCPA to make sure that happens. IF you are a lawyer, call us for similar questions your clients may ask you from time to time in this area.  We are available for co-counsel on these, and most other class action matters. 

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