Comprehensive commercial real estate expertise

The commercial real estate practice group at Dworken & Bernstein Co. has extensive experience in virtually all phases of commercial real estate that a property owner is likely to encounter. Our clientele includes local and regional owners, developers, and investors who are actively involved in residential apartment complexes, shopping centers, industrial properties, and specialty market properties such as self-storage facilities.

Property acquisition is most frequently accomplished through a conventional purchase. But we have regularly counseled clients through alternative transaction structures such as options, land contracts, and Section 1031 “Like Kind” exchanges. In some circumstances, it may be beneficial, instead of acquiring real estate, for the Buyer to acquire the ownership interests in the limited liability company or other entity that owns the target property. Dworken & Bernstein has long-standing relationships with other attorneys, real estate brokers, title insurance agents, lenders, and lender counsel who regularly practice in this area, and our clients receive the benefits associated with our experience and regular contacts. We pride ourselves on preparing documents in a clear and concise manner, and follow time-tested protocols, in order to protect our clients from unnecessary disputes.

Depending on client requirements, we are capable of assisting in the typical due diligence that is associated with the acquisition of a leased and occupied investment property. Structuring the purchase agreement to enable a Buyer to cancel a purchase because of diligence matters is a critical first step. Following up to make certain that the proper documents are reviewed and vetted is equally important. We regularly review organizational documents, leases, surveys, title examinations, and environmental reports in order to properly counsel our clients as to whether there are any extraordinary risks associated with the purchase of a particular property.

The real estate attorneys at Dworken & Bernstein are regularly involved in the development and re-development of all types of commercial properties. We are knowledgeable in zoning and building requirements, and have successfully represented property owners to obtain the permits and approvals needed to make their projects economically successful. We have drafted and accumulated a suite of documents that are regularly generated in real estate matters such as operating agreements, management agreements, brokerage agreements, construction contracts, and leases. Typically, our representation includes assisting clients who are securing loans from commercial lenders to finance their purchase or construction project, including mortgage assumptions and securitized loans. We routinely review and negotiate commercial loan agreements and regularly issue the opinion letter required by most commercial lenders.

The Dworken & Bernstein real estate practice group is proud of its experience, reputation, and capabilities, and is available to consult with you and discuss your legal needs.

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