The Following are Common Questions we Hear in the Area of Civil Rights Litigation:

“The government is trying to take my property by eminent domain, and they are offering pennies on the dollar of what it is worth.  Who can help me?”

“Can they charge me an extra fee for my license, just because I am handicapped?”

“All the women in this department across the country are paid less than the men.  I thought that was illegal?”

“They have polluted our water supply, and people are getting sick.  What can we do?”

“Do we have to put up with sexual harassment from customers?  Is the company liable to stop that harassment?”

“I and everyone from my religion are not allowed to work on Sunday because of our religion.  But the company refuses to let any of us change our shifts, and this is effecting hundreds of workers in our company since we have plants across the country.” 

“I have hearing problems like so many of my coworkers.  We work for a government contractor.  Is the company, or the government liable for our injuries that are resulting from extreme noise at these plants? 

 “Can they tax me at a higher rate than others, because I work in this locality but LIVE elsewhere?’

“I have information that a company is cheating the government out of money on contracts and is supplying defective parts. What can I do about that?”

There are countless examples where the local, county, state or federal government, and contractors working with those government entities, deny people like you their civil rights, unlawfully and in violation of statutes, rules, and the constitution.  In other cases, people have information about fraud against the government, costing millions of tax payer dollars.  What can be done?

Non-lawyers are not familiar with the laws on these issues, and in fact most lawyers do not even know these laws, unless they practice specifically in these specialized areas.

But we do. We see improper practices every day.  We have successfully sued for these and other unlawful practices, stopping these practices and forcing payment of millions of dollars to our clients.  We are recognized as one of the lead class action firms in this field of civil rights, false claims actions, and other government class action matters.

If you have any questions about these issues, about what seems to be unfair treatment based on sex, race, age, religion, national origin, or handicap, or about cheating of the government for products or services, please call us. We will review, without charge, any issue to see if there has been unlawful practices or charges, or if you are not getting what you are paying for. We will advise you as to whether there may be a claim to get money back.

 IF you are a lawyer, call us for similar questions your clients ask you from time to time.  We are available for co-counsel on these, and most other class action matters.

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