Representation of Business and Corporate Clients in all Aspects of their Legal Needs

Dworken & Bernstein’s experienced business and corporate attorneys handle essentially all issues that a business and its owners will face during its lifetime including business planning and formations, ownership structures, joint ventures, business transactions, business succession, mergers and acquisitions, real estate leasing and acquisition, private equity offerings and investments, employment issues, contracting, and business litigation and disputes of all types. From formation through dissolution or divestiture, our business and corporate attorneys provides legal and practical advice to help business owners address challenges, overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals.  Our attorneys are skilled in negotiating and preparing the documents necessary for any business transaction.  We assist businesses in finding creative solutions to the most complex business problems.

Dworken & Bernstein’s attorneys provide the type of advice that is useful to a business owner.  More than simple legal theories or prescriptions our attorneys bring a depth of experience in a wide variety of business industries which we bring to bear to each client’s particular needs enabling our attorneys to provide practical advice on nearly every situation that a business owner may encounter.  This starts at the beginning by working with the owner’s tax advisors to help ensure that the business is best positioned tax wise for the owner’s and investor’s success.  We assist businesses in drafting their contracts to protect their interests and set them up for success in the event that a dispute arises over the contract.  We assist in helping the business with its real estate needs and many of our business and corporate attorneys also practice in our real estate area.  These areas of law often go hand in hand.  As the life of the business progresses we have experience in assisting business owners in bringing on investors, adding additional owners, or transferring or selling the business so the original owner may retire.  We work with the business owner’s estate planning and retirement plan to position the business for what the owners need for their retirement.  While it is impossible to list every issue that can affect a business during its lifespan, our attorneys have a wide variety of experience to assist a business deal with the unknown. 

Dworken & Bernstein’s attorneys also represent non-profit businesses.  We are experienced at forming, governing, and merging or dissolving non-profit businesses.  We work with the non-profit board or those that want to form a non-profit in establishing it legally and in compliance with IRS regulations.  We assist non-profits with membership, elections, general governance, development of policies and procedures, facilitating board meetings, contract negotiation, real estate needs, and compliance with governmental regulations.

We pride ourselves in our knowledgeable and effective representation of business and corporate clients in all aspects of the legal needs.

Before Contacting Us

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