Employees Injured at Work are Entitled to Compensation Under the Law

Our attorneys expertly navigate the complexities of the system.

Dworken & Bernstein workers compensation lawyers have been protecting the rights of workers who you have suffered an injury at work, contracted an occupational disease, or sustained injuries resulting in disability or death in Ohio for over 60 years. The workers’ compensation system is complex and daunting to anyone unfamiliar with it.

If you are injured at work, get appropriate medical care first. Your next priority should be engaging a law firm with extensive experience in championing workers’ rights under Ohio’s workers’ compensation law. Dworken & Bernstein is fully committed to you as an injured worker.

Dworken & Bernstein treats each workers compensation case as unique. We will consider the full extent of your injuries and will assess how these injuries impact you. In cases involving disability, we evaluate your vocational and education history and your work responsibilities. We learn as much as we can about your capabilities and limitations, and then formulate a strategic plan designed to maximize your benefits consistent with your needs. Our attorneys will regularly reevaluate your needs based upon changes in the law, your life, and your changing priorities. To maximize your benefits, compensation, and medical treatment, some cases require aggressive litigation to successfully secure what you are entitled to.

All workers compensation cases require a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate through the complex laws and procedures to secure your rights through the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and Industrial Commission. At Dworken & Bernstein, we are fully committed to doing what needs to be done to effectively represent injured workers and their dependents.

It is best to engage an attorney as early as possible.

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