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Ohio Shoplifting Law
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Understanding Ohio Shoplifting Law

Although the term “shoplifting” is widely used to describe the theft of goods from a retail store, Ohio doesn’t have a separate shoplifting law. Rather, retail theft falls under the state’s general theft statute. That’s important, as many people have...
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Understanding Ohio’s Line Fence Law

Keeping Rural Neighbors and Animals Out By Erik L Walter – Partner On September 30, 2008, the Ohio legislature passed changes to the existing laws relating to line fences in unincorporated areas which created new rules for fences constructed on...
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Why Choose Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Many people considering filing for bankruptcy protection assume that Chapter 7 is the better option. In fact, many people question why anyone would choose Chapter 13 bankruptcy at all. After all, Chapter 7 bankruptcy wipes out a lot of unsecured...
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Ensuring Credit for Ohio Child Support Payments

Most people realize that child support and other domestic support orders such as spouse maintenance awards are legal obligations. Failure to make court-ordered child support payments or maintenance payments can have significant consequences—even jail time. What some may not know...
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Ohio’s New Self-Defense Law Explored

In late May, a man approached police officers on the street in Cleveland and told them his passenger had been shot. Though police are still investigating, it appears that the driver—who sought out and self-reported to the police—shot the passenger...
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Employment Law: Age Discrimination in Ohio

Ohio employers and employees alike often struggle to understand the concept of “age discrimination.” They wonder whether it means an employer can never take someone’s age into account in making a hiring decision, or whether you can never consider a...
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The Danger of False Confessions

False confessions have been getting a lot of attention lately, from news outlets, activists, and even Netflix. Hundreds of people have been cleared of crimes they confessed to, often through DNA evidence. And yet, many people have great difficulty believing...
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Cleveland Immigration Office Gets Top Marks

Navigating the road to citizenship is never simple, but the difficulty of the process varies for many reasons—including where the immigrant seeking citizenship lives and works through the process. Although the process should theoretically be the same in any immigration...
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What is an Occupational Disease?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupational injuries accounted for the vast majority (96%) of all occupational injury and illness cases reported by private employers in Ohio in 2017 (the most recent year for which data is available). Only...
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Medical Marijuana Law and Ohio Workers’ Comp

Ohio’s medical marijuana statute and its accompanying regulations are now in effect. Employers and employees alike have begun to grapple with their implications, including the intersection of the new law and workers’ compensation benefits. Below, we review the issues medical...
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Workers’ Comp: What Isn’t Covered in Ohio

Most Ohio workers and employers generally understand that Workers’ Compensation insurance covers medical costs and other expenses related to injuries an employee sustains on the job. Workers’ comp covers a wide range of injuries and incidents at work, from burns...
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Workers’ Comp Fraud In the News

Ohio’s workers’ compensation system provides a wide range of benefits to workers injured on the job. Some of those benefits provide money to workers whose injuries prevent them from returning to work. These disability benefits represent a critically important feature...
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Estate Planning to Avoid Family Discord

The death of a loved one can disrupt even the most peaceful families with healthy dynamics. For many, preserving family relationships after they’re gone remains as important as preserving their wealth for future generations. Whether you’ve already put a plan...
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