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When to Shut Down an Insolvent Business

One of the toughest challenges business owners face is determining whether and when it’s time to accept defeat and close down the business. Since most businesses experience unstable income and other setbacks during the early days, it can be difficult...
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What are Benefit Corporations or “B-Corps”?

By Joshua J. Strickland, Esq. Last month Senator Elizabeth Warren made some headlines with her op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal regarding her introduction of what she has called the “Accountable Capitalism Act”. This Act, if passed, would essentially require...
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The Complicated State of Ohio Marijuana Laws

The state of Ohio is in the process—though behind schedule—of implementing a legal medical marijuana program. 13th District Congressman Tim Ryan has publicly stated that marijuana possession should be legal in all 50 states and has co-sponsored a bill that...
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How Bankruptcy Can Stop Debt Collectors Instantly

The two common types of consumer bankruptcy—Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy—offer very different solutions. But, these two debt management options have one very important thing in common: the automatic stay – which can stop debt collectors immediately. What...
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What is Family-Based Immigration?

The United States has a long and successful history of family-based immigration, recently referred to in the news and political debate as “chain migration.” Of course, bringing over family members was customary from the time the very first immigrants arrived...
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What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

When you hear the word “bankruptcy,” it’s probably Chapter 7 that comes to mind. The relatively quick fresh start bankruptcy is far more common than Chapter 13. But, Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers an important opportunity for people who either don’t...
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How is Child Custody Determined in Ohio?

One of the most important and most challenging issues when a couple divorces is minimizing the impact of the divorce on minor children and ensuring that each parent maintains a healthy relationship with the kids. Ideally, the parents will be...
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Understanding Theft Crimes in Ohio

The language of theft crimes can be confusing. For example, you may hear the words “theft” and “robbery” used interchangeably, but they don’t mean the same thing—certain types of theft are robberies, but others are not. Similarly, many people think...
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