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Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration

President Trump issued a series of Executive Orders on immigration during his first few weeks in office. Two Executive Orders on immigration were issued on January 25, 2017, including “Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements” and “Enhancing Public Safety in...
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Family and Medical Leave Act

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Many people feel that it is illegal to terminate an employee who missed work due to illness. While this may be true some of the time, it is not always the case.  Only those...
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What is a U Visa for Crime Victims?

U Visa crime victims In 2000, the U.S. government announced a new visa category called the U Visa. This visa can help people who may have entered this country without authorization, stayed here for many years without documentation, and/or may...
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Financial Mistakes Divorcing Women Make

Five financial mistakes divorcing women make Divorce is emotionally difficult for all parties, but divorcing women tend to make financial mistakes that hurt them too. Sometimes they agree to terms just to end the challenging process, according to advisers who work with divorcing...
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Trademark Distinctiveness and Protection

Strength Matters: Trademark Distinctiveness and Protection All men are created equal, but the same doesn’t apply to a trademark. Some trademarks are entitled to and, in fact, do receive greater protection under state and federal laws than other trademarks. It is...
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Expunging Your Ohio Criminal Record

Expunging criminal records in Ohio is the process of clearing one’s criminal record also known as Sealing the Record. The term Expungement is often used interchangeably but refers to the same thing.  Not every person or crime is eligible for sealing/expungement. To determine...
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New Changes to the Visa Waiver Program

New changes to the Visa Waiver Program are in response to the concerns of many Americans following the Paris terrorist attacks and the San Bernadino shootings. Congress passed and the President later signed into law the “Visa Waiver Program Improvement...
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Protecting a Defendant’s Rights

As a defendant you have rights If you have been charged with a DUI crime, things can get overwhelming fast! You need to know that as a defendant, you have rights that must be protected. Hiring the right criminal defense...
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Expunging Your Criminal Record

What is an expungement? In Ohio, expunging your criminal record is the same as sealing a record. It is a legal process provided under Section 2953 of the Ohio Revised Code that allows one to have any and all references to...
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