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Retirement Accounts and Bankruptcy

If you are filing for bankruptcy, one of the many questions you likely have is what your future holds. If you contributed to a retirement account for years, it is common to be concerned about what exactly will happen to...
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Workers’ Compensation in Ohio

Ohio workers’ compensation laws are designed to help injured workers with medical expenses and lost wages when the injury occurred during the performance of the job. There are several benefits one may receive under workers’ compensation law, and Dworken &...
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Your Life After Bankruptcy

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you may be wondering what your life will look like after, and how you will be able to regain your financial health. Depending on the type of bankruptcy you file, you may have...
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Ohio Living Trusts

Will I Lose Control of My Property if I Create an Ohio Living Trust? A living trust offers many benefits for those seeking a more efficient and more private way to pass property upon death. However, many people who have...
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Bankruptcy and Foreclosure
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Bankruptcy and Foreclosure in Ohio

Understanding the Intersection of Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Understanding how bankruptcy and foreclosure intersect in the State of Ohio may be the key to saving your home. In this article, we explore more about when and how bankruptcy may stop a...
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Reporting work injuries
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Reporting Work Injuries in Ohio

Reporting work injuries is a critical first step on the path to receiving workers’ compensation benefits or pursuing third party liability for work-related injuries. Although Ohio doesn’t have a specific deadline for reporting work injuries to your employer, prompt reporting...
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