“What are all these charges showing up on my paperwork when I sold/bought my home?”
“Are they allowed to charge me for Title Insurance? Why is my Title Insurance bill for more than they told me at closing”?
“What is an ‘administrative service fee’? I already paid this Broker 7%. What else am I getting for these extra fees”?
“Why didn’t they pay me interest on my money they withheld for taxes, when they sent me a refund?”
“I paid to have my papers recorded. Why are there additional charges on the HUD-1 form for the same thing? Am I being double charged”?
“Hey! I saw the bill for FedEx in these papers they sent me. It was only $12.50. Why do the final papers show that the real estate agent is charging me $50 dollars for that”?!
“The railroad took an easement on my property, but is not paying me and my neighbors what they promised.”
“We gave a company a right to drill for oil and gas on our property, but they are paying us pennies on what it is really worth. I think they lied to me and my neighbors to get us to sign up.”

A real estate transaction is probably the most money any of us will spend on one thing in our lifetime. So the people handling the deal (the agent, the broker, the title company) should get it right, and should only charge what the law allows.

Surprise. In many transactions we have seen, there are fees, charges or practices that are NOT allowed, or are otherwise in violation of law. This misconduct is often found on a long, complex form called the “HUD-1,” that contains a listing of all charges. The misconduct is SO common that it has been given a name by the courts: JUNK FEES. That means a fee or charge for nothing. Papers in a real estate transaction are inches thick, and they are so convoluted that it is simple to hide extra illegal fees. We see such improper practices frequently. But you should not be overcharged or ripped off on the most important and probably largest purchase or sale of your life.

At the same time, people can be cheated when companies take easements on their land, or when drilling rights and other contracts are signed for your property. Do you know whether you have been treated fairly, or cheated? We have successfully sued agents, brokers, real estate companies, and other businesses all over Ohio and other states, for unlawful practices in these areas, forcing them to stop and to repay customer millions of dollars. We are recognized as one of the lead class action firms in this field of real estate consumer matters. If you have any questions about your real estate transaction and the charges involved, or the practice of an agent, broker, or title company, please call us now. We will review, without charge, any issue to see if there has been unlawful practices or charges, or if you are not getting what you are paying for, and qualify to get money back. IF YOU ARE A LAWYER, call us for similar questions your clients ask you from time to time. We are available for co-counsel on these, and most other class action matters.

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