Dworken & Bernstein’s Utilities Law and Regulation practice group provides comprehensive representation to a broad range of clients including individuals, as investor-owned utilities and utility infrastructure developers. Utilities Laws are defined as essential commodities or services, such as water, electricity, natural gas, oil, transportation, or communication provided to the public. Public utilities law involves every aspect of the economic regulation of public utilities by agencies of federal, state, and local government.  These include: the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”), Federal Communication Commission (“FCC”) and state public service commissions such as the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (“PUCO”). Traditional public utilities include suppliers of electricity, telecommunications, natural gas, cable television, sewer, and water. In each case, the government has made the decision that because of the unique traits and characteristics of these industries, the public interest is best served by limiting competition and subjecting the providers to close government regulation and scrutiny.

Our Public Utilities lawyers are well-versed in issues affecting all utilities clients, whether they provide electricity, gas, water and wastewater, or communications services. Our practice includes representation of clients before state and federal regulatory authorities such as the PUCO, Ohio OSHA and FERC. Attorneys in our Utilities Law and Regulation practice group regularly handle the following types of regulatory matters:

  • Rate cases
  • Rate adjustment or “tracker” cases
  • Performance-based or incentive regulation
  • Environmental compliance plan approval cases
  • New generating facility approval cases
  • Transmission and distribution plan approval cases
  • Utility mergers
  • Acquisitions of utility assets (including due diligence)
  • Appeals from regulatory commission decisions
  • Drafting / reviewing of proposed legislation
  • Service territory matters
  • Telecommunications matters
  • Facilities siting
  • Commission investigations and rulemakings
  • Regulatory strategy and
  • Regulatory affairs

Our Utilities Law and Regulation practice group assists clients who need comprehensive legal support to cover all aspects of their operations. Dworken & Bernstein Co., LPA can support your   utilities law and regulation needs.

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