Oil and gas law and litigation now affect business, industry, and individuals everywhere including in Northeast Ohio. America’s campaign to reduce the need for foreign energy has opened a window of opportunity for developers, producers, pipeline aggregators, and ordinary landowners whose property is now a gateway to major underground resources. At the same time, environmental limits, exposure to liability, and highly complicated federal, state and local regulation have made this subject a risky area for large and small participants.

We’ve represented landowners, oil and gas companies, public utilities, environmental consultants, and other businesses and industries in the oil and gas industry throughout the United States.

Legal services in the field of oil and gas law include evaluating a property owner’s rights, considering options, negotiating, drafting and litigating oil and gas leases, and monitoring their overall performance. We offer the benefit of having worked for clients on both sides of these complex agreements. Look no further than Dworken & Bernstein for handling matters concerning oil and gas law.

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