We Provide General Legal Services to American Indian Tribes and Native American Organizations Regarding Commercial Development and Business Transactions, Litigation, and Governmental Affairs

Dworken & Bernstein provides both transactional and litigation services nationwide to American Indian tribes, Native American organizations, and companies working with tribes in the areas of economic development. These include:

  • Class II and Class III gaming
  • alternative energy including solar and wind
  • natural resource management including timber, oil, and gas
  • real estate including acquisitions, leases, and land into trust
  • gaming management agreements
  • business projects on or off of tribal lands

We address the legal concerns common to all economic development projects such as the legal structure, financing, real estate, security, and environmental work, specializing in the issues unique to working in Indian Country including:

  • working with tribal governments and their court systems
  • obtaining Federal and State approvals
  • navigating the environmental process and the impacts of tribal sovereignty on the business relationship

We provide general legal services to American Indian tribes and Native American organizations particularly in the areas of commercial development and business transactions, litigation, and governmental affairs including:

  • taxation
  • formation of tribally owned corporations
  • water and hunting rights
  • native art and jewelry
  • protection of tribal burial grounds

Dworken & Bernstein has the experience, abilities, and resources to provide effective representation to both tribal and non-tribal clients to utilize tribal assets and improve tribal economic development. We are committed to aiding tribes in promoting, protecting and preserving tribal sovereignty, culture, and resources by representing tribes in all areas of federal Indian law and commercial transactions. When necessary, we are experienced in litigating, arbitrating, and mediating issues arising from doing business in Indian Country, including issues of jurisdiction, sovereignty, and all aspects of contracts between tribal and non-tribal entities.

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