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Personal Injury

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

Personal Injury

A superb rated team of trial attorneys with successful track record recovering for clients in matters involving accidents, malpractice, negligence, wrongful death, products liability.

Nationally Recognized Team of Personal Injury Lawyers

Our highly skilled and nationally recognized team of personal injury lawyers are known for creative and aggressive representation of victims who have suffered serious injury or death. We have a reputation for working hard to fight for those who have been harmed by the negligence or misdeeds of others, and we have built our law firm on the referrals of our thousands of satisfied clients. With our network of highly competent, knowledgeable consultants and experts we ensure that every matter is given the highest degree of skill and attention.

Dworken & Bernstein personal injury lawyers have been repeatedly awarded Super Lawyer® designation, AV skill ratings, and have been included in selected as one of the top 100 trial lawyers in Ohio. We are experienced in courts throughout Ohio and many other states.

Aggressive. Creative. Successful. That is our pledge to you. Call us now for a free consultation.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

When You Are Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident

For over 60 Years, Dworken & Bernstein has been representing victims of automobile, motorcycle and trucking accidents, helping them obtain fair and just compensation for their injuries and/or reparation for the death of a loved one.

Personal injury attorneys, unfortunately, have a reputation of bombarding you with solicitations when your accident or injury becomes public record. At Dworken & Bernstein, we rise above this practice.

It is easy to fall prey to slick practices when you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident. It is likely that all of a sudden you’ll be flooded with information and asked to make critical decisions. Beware. Often the insurer for the person who caused your accident will be the first to contact you. Early missteps when speaking to an insurer may be harmful to your ultimate claim. Some adjusters will seek a release of all liability in exchange for a small upfront settlement, despite the fact that the extent of your injury may not yet be fully determined. Some will tape record interviews in which they lead your answers in a manner that will help them limit your claim. It is not always wise to deal one-on-one with these professionals whose job it is to protect the financial reserves of the insurance company. The smarter course of action is to first speak with an attorney experienced in handling injury claims.

Today there are many complicated factors in handling an injury claim. Decisions must be made as to how medical bills should be paid, what claims can be made and when those claims have to be properly asserted. Investigation and evidence preservation are vital at the early stages of your claim. State laws and some insurance policies have critical time frames for action which if not heeded can adversely affect your claim.

Let Dworken & Bernstein’s experienced personal injury lawyers and staff help you to navigate through a troubled time. We know how to obtain the necessary evidence and satisfy the legal requirements to obtain compensation for your medical bills, property damage, lost earnings, disability and other personal damages. If necessary we will take your injury claim all the way through a jury trial.

Trust that we will not hound you. Take the time to call us for a free consultation, today.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Attorneys

Patrick T. Murphy
Amanda Condon

Nursing Home Negligence

Taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves.

We are often confronted with difficult choices of how best to care for an aging family member. At some point, meeting their needs can become more difficult due to the physical frailties or the mental and emotional difficulties that are so common among the elderly.

We often entrust our loved ones to the care offered by skilled nursing homes, assisted living programs, home health care services or other programs that promote their expertise, their skill, and their loving touch. Many of those institutions serving the elderly meet our expectations. Too often however their promises of quality care fall short of the reality – we see bed sores, falls, medication errors, failures to attend to those in need, missed diagnoses of critical changes in medical conditions, and even elder abuse. Not only are these failures to provide quality care a breach of our trust, they are often violations of protected rights and recognized standards of care under the strict, clear-cut laws of Ohio that are in place to protect elderly patients.

Are you concerned about the care or treatment of your loved one? For a prompt evaluation of the situation, contact our experienced and competent personal injury attorneys.

Nursing Home Negligence Attorneys

Patrick T. Murphy
Amanda Condon

Professional Negligence

Committed to helping those who may have been a victim of negligence.

Whether it be doctors, lawyers, accountants, hospitals, nursing homes or other professional and licensed persons or institutions – they all owe their patients, clients and residents a duty of using accepted levels of care, skill, diligence and expertise. When a professional person or institution causes harm by failing to live up to professional standards they have committed malpractice and should be held accountable for their misconduct, mistakes or errors.

Attorneys at Dworken & Bernstein are committed to helping those who have been harmed by any type of professional negligence. We seek to hold the professional accountable and to help our clients earn fair compensation for their losses.

In the medical arena, we have successfully handled cases involving surgical errors, failure to make a proper and timely diagnosis, emergency room mistakes, anesthesia problems, birth trauma, and injury caused by medication mix-ups.

The lawyers at Dworken & Bernstein have taken on nursing homes that fell short of expectations in caring for loved ones. We have successfully resolved claims concerning bed sores, slip and falls, residents leaving the premises, and medication errors.

We have successfully pursued claims against dentists, lawyers, accountants and others who have a professional and legal obligation to their patients and clients within accepted standards of care.

If you have suffered injury or economic loss because of a professional’s mistake or misconduct, call us at Dworken & Bernstein for a free consultation and review of your matter.

Professional Negligence Attorneys

Patrick T. Murphy
Amanda Condon

Wrongful Death

Someone in your corner when you need us the most.

The law firm of Dworken & Bernstein has been successful in representing the families of persons whose death has been caused by the wrongful act of another. Wrongful death claims arise in many areas of personal injury law including motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, medical malpractice, products liability and others.

The Ohio General Assembly has codified the law necessary for families to recover in the case of a wrongful death of a loved one. Those claims, however, can only be brought by the personal representative of the deceased. Such person must be duly appointed by the Probate Court. A wrongful death action may be brought by the decedent’s estate on behalf of the next of kin and beneficiaries of the estate for damages they have suffered as the result of the accidental death of a loved one. Both economic and non-economic damages may be obtained. Family members are entitled to compensation for the monetary loss suffered by way of loss of earnings or medical or funeral expenses. The wrongful death statute also provides a way to recover damages for the mental anguish incurred as the result of the loss of the companionship, care, assistance, and advice of a loved one.

In addition, a separate cause of action exists for the injuries suffered directly by the decedent. Death does not take away a cause of action or a claim of the injured person. The cause of action survives the death and continues in the personal representative appointed by the Probate Court. This “survival” action sustains the decedent’s right to sue and recover money for such things as the conscious pain and suffering of the decedent before he or she died.

If your spouse, child or parent died as the result of the negligence of someone else, contact one of Dworken & Bernstein’s lawyers listed.

Wrongful Death Attorneys

Patrick T. Murphy
Amanda Condon

Products Liability

Keeping you and the things we use safe.

Ohio law provides for claims to be made against the manufacturer, designer, seller or supplier of products that are defective and cause injury. Products can be anything from industrial machines to common everyday consumer products. Products may be defective because of faulty design or manufacturing processes, because of faulty instructions or warnings, or because the product failed to conform to representations of the manufacturer.

We have represented clients for injury or damage for everything from improperly manufactured plastic bottles to the failure of complex control circuitry in massive industrial presses. We have represented clients against a range of businesses including restaurants serving poisoned food, firearms manufacturers, and automotive manufacturers. Dworken & Bernstein lawyers work hand-in-hand with qualified engineers to determine whether a product is defective and whether it caused injury.

Oftentimes at Dworken & Bernstein, we discover that our industrial clients may have more than just a claim for workers’ compensation for their on the job injuries. It takes a trained eye to evaluate a case to determine whether a product liability claim may be appropriate as well.

If you believe your injury was caused by a defective product, please contact a Dworken & Bernstein attorney for a free consultation to learn more about your options.

Products Liability Attorneys

Patrick T. Murphy
Amanda Condon

All Personal Injury Attorneys

Patrick T. Murphy
Amanda Condon

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