For over 50 years, Dworken & Bernstein has been representing victims of automobile, motorcycle and trucking accidents, helping them obtain fair and just compensation for their injuries and/or reparation for the death of a loved one.

Personal injury attorneys, unfortunately, have a reputation of bombarding you with solicitations when your accident or injury becomes public record. At Dworken & Bernstein, we rise above this practice.

It is easy to fall prey to slick practices when you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident. It is likely that all of a sudden you’ll be flooded with information and asked to make critical decisions. Beware. Often the insurer for the person who caused your accident will be the first to contact you. Early missteps when speaking to an insurer may be harmful to your ultimate claim. Some adjusters will seek a release of all liability in exchange for a small upfront settlement, despite the fact that the extent of your injury may not yet be fully determined. Some will tape record interviews in which they lead your answers in a manner that will help them limit your claim. It is not always wise to deal one-on-one with these professionals whose job it is to protect the financial reserves of the insurance company. The smarter course of action is to first speak with an attorney experienced in handling injury claims.

Today there are many complicated factors in handling an injury claim. Decisions must be made as to how medical bills should be paid, what claims can be made and when those claims have to be properly asserted. Investigation and evidence preservation are vital at the early stages of your claim. State laws and some insurance policies have critical time frames for action which if not heeded can adversely affect your claim.

Let Dworken & Bernstein’s experienced personal injury lawyers and staff help you to navigate through a troubled time. We know how to obtain the necessary evidence and satisfy the legal requirements to obtain compensation for your medical bills, property damage, lost earnings, disability and other personal damages. If necessary we will take your injury claim all the way through a jury trial.

Trust that we will not hound you. Take the time to call us for a free consultation, today.

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