Whether it be doctors, lawyers, accountants, hospitals, nursing homes or other professional and licensed persons or institutions – they all owe their patients, clients and residents a duty of using accepted levels of care, skill, diligence and expertise. When a professional person or institution causes harm by failing to live up to professional standards they have committed malpractice and should be held accountable for their misconduct, mistakes or errors.

We seek to hold the professional accountable and to help our clients earn fair compensation for their losses.

In the medical arena, we have successfully handled cases involving surgical errors, failure to make a proper and timely diagnosis, emergency room mistakes, anesthesia problems, birth trauma, and injury caused by medication mix-ups.

The lawyers at Dworken & Bernstein have taken on nursing homes that fell short of expectations in caring for loved ones. We have successfully resolved claims concerning bed sores, slip and falls, residents leaving the premises, and medication errors.

We have successfully pursued claims against dentists, lawyers, accountants and others who have a professional and legal obligation to their patients and clients within accepted standards of care.

If you have suffered injury or economic loss because of a professional’s mistake or misconduct, call us at Dworken & Bernstein for a free consultation and review of your matter.

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