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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Dworken & Bernstein’s experienced trial attorneys on our litigation team can help businesses of all sizes with their most important and challenging business disputes. We will help you understand and evaluate the issues surrounding your dispute both from a litigation perspective and from the perspective of businesspeople to help you resolve your dispute in the most cost effective method possible. Naturally some cases must be taken to court and in such cases our experienced trial attorneys will assist you in navigating the complex court rules and in presenting your case to the court or jury.

Additionally, part of our practice is in identifying potential risks, vulnerabilities, practices that could open your business to potential litigation and to assist you avoid litigation by taking the correct remedies. Also, at the outset of a dispute or whenever possible, we will help you pursue negotiation, mediation, and other alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve the dispute and achieve a satisfactory result to the dispute.

Our attorneys handle disputes as varied and complex as today’s business world. We assist businesses and business owners in litigation of real estate issues including easements, natural resources, wetlands, taxation, and foreclosure; financing and banking disputes of all sorts; corporate control contests, shareholder disagreements, and buy/sell disputes; customer, supplier, contractor and all other contract disputes; insurance claim disputes; construction and design defect disputes; employee relations disputes including non-competition clauses, confidentiality breaches, and customer or employee solicitation; internal or governmental investigations; regulatory disputes; mechanic’s liens; franchise disputes; licensing disputes; conversion; purchase, sale, or lease agreement disputes.

Our attorneys are also adept at handling appeals of court and jury decisions to the various state and federal appellate courts. If an appeal can be taken from a court’s decision our attorneys can assist you in seeking to have a higher court reverse the decisions of the trial court.

Dworken & Bernstein’s experienced litigation attorneys handle these matters every day for our business clients. If you are involved in a dispute or have claims to pursue do not hesitate to contact our litigation attorneys.

All Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Richard N. Selby II
Erik L. Walter
Keith R. Kraus
Patrick T. Murphy
Grant J. Keating
Joshua J. Strickland
Shelley Fleming
Jim Timmerberg
Jo A. Tatarko
Patrick J. Brickman

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