The litigation attorneys at Dworken & Bernstein handle construction defect claims for both plaintiffs and defendants. Through our 60 years of practice we have pretty much seen it all.  

  • Water intrusion into the building envelope, including roofs, windows and exterior cladding;
  • Defective stucco and masonry;
  • Defective roofing;
  • Defective windows;
  • Soil drainage and erosion issues;
  • Design defects;
  • Inferior building materials;
  • Electrical defects;
  • Concrete and asphalt defects; and
  • Mechanical (HVAC) defects

We represent contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, property management companies, and individual property owners (both residential and commercial) in construction defect cases, warranty disputes and bond claims.  Construction defects are often unforeseen and discovered after construction is substantially complete.  This makes swift resolution of these issues critical in order to get projects completed on time and within budget.

Representing both plaintiffs and defendants in these cases gives us an edge in quickly surveying the landscape of the dispute and identifying the critical issues in order to develop an effective litigation strategy.  We will rapidly evaluate the claims and make a thoughtful recommendation based on the circumstances.   Our preference is to resolve cases without litigation when possible.  We pride ourselves on coming up with creative solutions to avoid risky and expensive litigation and maximizing positive outcomes.  If a settlement can be reached we can assist you in negotiating and drafting a binding settlement agreement to ensure your interests are protected and litigation is avoided.  

Unfortunately, some people are unreasonable and disputes need to be litigated.  Our trial attorneys are not afraid to take your case to verdict.  Our litigators will call on our network of construction experts to present the best possible case on your behalf.  Throughout the entire litigation process we will maintain open lines of communication and consult with you on our strategy.  We will fight for you to get you the results you deserve.   

The outcome of construction defect cases often hinge on the interpretation of insurance policies and warranties.   These issues can be complex for attorneys that do not deal with them frequently.  Our team routinely deals with these issues. Unfortunately, when claims are not properly presented parties risk they may fall outside the scope of their insurance and warranty coverages.  Our team can help you navigate these complex issues to maximize your recovery if you’re a plaintiff, or limit your exposure if you are a contractor or material supplier. 

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