One of the most common type of disputes that a business finds itself dealing with are disputes with its employees.  It is important that every business have a qualified attorney ready to assist them in these disputes.  There are many different state and federal laws that address many different aspects of the employer/employee relationship.  When a business is faced with a dispute with one of its employees, it is important that they speak to legal counsel who have familiarity with these various laws. Our lawyers are prepared to assist your business with all types of employee/employer disputes including the following:

  • Defending against administrative discrimination claims that have been filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, which can include claims of discrimination based on gender, age, disability, race and national origin, claims of harassment based on one of these protected characteristics, including sexual harassment, and retaliation for engaging in protected conduct, like making complaints of discrimination or harassment.
  • Defending an employer against workers compensation claims at both the administrative level and in court;
  • Defending against claims for unemployment compensation at both the administrative level and in court;
  • Arbitrating and mediating employee disputes through the American Arbitration Association (AAA), FINRA and other similar dispute resolution organizations;
  • Pursuing litigation against former employees for their violation of non-compete, non-solicitation, confidentiality and other similar contractual obligations, including seeking injunctive relief to prevent further violations;
  • Defending businesses against claims brought by current or former employees in both state and federal court.

Dworken & Bernstein has experience handling these type of matters through the entire litigation process, including discovery, dispositive motion practice, trial and appeal.  Our lawyers can help you assess the risk the claim may present to your business and help determine whether it is in your best interest to seek a fair and appropriate resolution of the claims through mediation or to fully litigate and defend a case in court.  No two cases are the same, so you want to make sure you have legal counsel who have experience handling your litigation no matter what strategy you decide to employ.  Contact Dworken & Bernstein to arrange a free consultation.

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