Why Hire a Former Prosecutor for Your Defense?

Why Hire a Former Prosecutor for Your Defense?

Hire a former prosecutor for your defense.

When considering hiring an attorney to defend you, you may want to hire a former prosecutor for your defense.

The reason is simple.

When you are charged with a criminal offense or DUI/OVI, it is necessary to secure the best defense possible. An attorney with previous experience working for the “other side” of the law will know how the prosecution thinks and acts.

Amanda Condon is a former prosecutor who knows the ins and the outs of the criminal justice system. She will apply her experience as a former prosecutor to your case. This well-rounded knowledge of both “sides of the fence” allows her to work any case from both angles. She understands what weaknesses to look for in a prosecutor’s case and she can use those weaknesses to her client’s advantage when negotiating or when in court.

As a prosecutor, Amanda has conducted numerous jury trials, and she has also tried hundreds of cases before judges. Due to her career as a prosecuting attorney, she is known among prosecutors and judges, and she maintains a reputation for fighting aggressively and passionately for each of her clients.

Former Prosecutor Turned Criminal Defense Attorney

Before becoming a criminal defense lawyer, Amanda Condon effectively prosecuted all types of criminal offenses, including OVI. Her time was spent working in the Misdemeanor Division of the Ashtabula County Prosecutor’s Office. During her career as a prosecutor, she appeared in Court on a daily basis.

Knowledge is power and an attorney with prior experience as a prosecutor may have an edge. With your livelihood and liberty at stake, choose someone who has experience working on both sides of the law. Hire a former prosecutor for your defense.

In conclusion

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