Should I Report Nursing Home Abuse or File a Lawsuit?

Report Nursing Home Abuse or File a Lawsuit

Nursing homes are obligated to provide around-the-clock care for those who cannot care for themselves. When they fail to meet basic standards of care, comfort and hygiene, elderly residents become victims of substandard care and in some instances are abused mentally and physically. Sadly, elderly nursing home residents are often unable to escape the situation on their own. When loved one have been harmed by neglect or abuse, family members are unsure whether to report the abuse to the Ohio state authorities, or file a lawsuit?

Generally, you can do both. If you’d like to file a lawsuit against a nursing home, consider calling Dworken & Bernstein before taking further action. Our attorneys can help you understand your rights, obligations and how to make sure your loved one is protected.

How to report nursing home abuse

Ohio Revised Code Section 3721.13 enumerates nursing home patient rights. This includes the right to a safe, clean living space that is free of unnecessary chemical or physical restraints, and free from any type of abuse and more.

Unless your Dworken & Bernstein lawyer specifically recommends otherwise, you may report nursing home abuse to the Ohio Department of Public Health. There are two ways to do so: call the complaint hotline at 1-800-342-0553, or file online. You may also do so anonymously by simply declining to provide your name and contact information. The Department of Public Health will initiate an investigation based on your complaint.

When filing a complaint, you’ll be asked to provide a description of the abuse you witnessed. Include as many details as you can recall, including date, time and any other witnesses who can support your complaint.

Unlike some lawsuits, filing a complaint will not yield financial compensation, however it can help build the case—and protect other residents from the same fate.

Filing a lawsuit

If the abuse or neglect you’ve witnessed are sufficient to warrant a lawsuit, the lawyers at Dworken & Bernstein can help. When we review your claim, we’ll thoroughly explain your legal options

Depending on the specific circumstance of your case, you or your relative may be entitled to financial compensation. This may help offset the cost of medical bills, relocation, therapy, your loved one’s pain and suffering and more.

If you believe your loved one has suffered from nursing home abuse or neglect, call the attorneys at Dworken & Bernstein today. We’ll fight to make sure your relatives’ rights are protected, and furthermore, ensure changes are made at the facility so no one else is harmed.

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