Protecting a Defendant’s Rights

Protecting a Defendant's Rights

As a defendant you have rights

If you have been charged with a DUI crime, things can get overwhelming fast! You need to know that as a defendant, you have rights that must be protected. Hiring the right criminal defense lawyer who is committed to defending and protecting a defendant’s rights is your best bet in this trying time in your life.

Driving under the influence is wrong

We all know and acknowledge that drinking and driving is not a good practice.
First of all, it is dangerous.
In the United States, thousands of people are killed each year by drunk drivers, and even more, are seriously injured.
Secondly, driving under the influence is illegal in Ohio as it is in all 50 states.
Therefore, even if you are lucky enough to escape from your DUI episode without harming yourself or others, you will likely be charged with a crime.
Third, as a result of a DUI conviction, you face the possibilities of getting your license suspended, vehicle confiscated and a host of other penalties and fines.

Protecting a defendant’s rights is what we do

Protecting a Defendant’s Rights is what Criminal Defense attorney Dan Williams and his former colleague did in a DUI case that went to trial in Willoughby Municipal Court.

They argued that it was prejudicial to introduce previous convictions since he was already willing to stipulate to one. By doing so, it tended to show him not merely as a repeat offender, but a habitual, chronic offender.

Appellate Judge Thomas R. Wright agreed that admitting evidence of his prior OVI conviction was unfairly prejudicial. We got the defendant’s conviction reversed and his sentence vacated.

Protecting the rights of citizens requires actions by attorneys with knowledge, motivation and “stick-to-itiveness,” working hard to for their clients.

To receive the same level of commitment to defending and protecting a defendant’s rights for yourself or a loved one, contact the expert attorneys at Dworken & Bernstein to find out your options today!

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