Is Your Nursing Home’s Security Negligent?

Is Your Nursing Home’s Security Negligent?

Negligent security claims usually arise from crime. A typical example appears with residential properties: a landlord fails to maintain lighting in parking lots or common spots, and a tenant is robbed or raped. The landlord may be liable for that injury because maintenance failures made the property ripe for crime.

Nursing home security measures must protect residents, employees, visitors, and other lawful guests from becoming crime victims. It also extends into preventing residents from wandering and hiring safe people to take care of them. Here are five signs that your loved one’s nursing home may neglect security:

  • Understaffing: Every nursing home should have an appropriate resident-staff ratio. If it is understaffed, it is nearly impossible to support the security and care of each resident.
  • Lax check-in procedures: The nursing home should require check-in for visitors. Without check-in, anyone can enter and harm the residents. Proper check-in makes it easier for the facility to supervise visitors and residents and ensure their safety.
  • Little front door supervision: There should be a security guard or a camera system monitoring who enters the nursing home. Just as with check-in, the home should know who enters and when they do so. If you cannot see any cameras or do not encounter 24-hour supervision at the front door, ask about these security measures.
  • Lack of supervision: Residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s tend to wander. Doors should have alarms or locks to prevent them from leaving the property and placing themselves in danger. One incident of an “escaped” loved one should be one incident too many; look into finding another nursing home for your loved one if you find supervision lacking.
  • Failure to train: Staff should receive adequate training to assess a resident’s wandering and elopement risk. If your loved one continues to wander or place themselves in danger despite constant warnings to staff members, it is likely the facility never trained them to deal with those issues.

Nursing home security negligence occurs if the facility fails to take measures to prevent crime or wandering. If you or a loved one is injured due to these shortcomings, consider speaking to a nursing home neglect attorney.

A lawsuit may be appropriate if a nursing home fails to care for and supervise your loved one. The attorneys at Dworken & Bernstein have extensive experience handling nursing home negligence cases, including security. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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