The Juvenile Court hears matters involving unmarried parents who are unable to resolve issues regarding custody, visitation and/or the financial support of their minor children. In addition, the Juvenile Court handles matters involving unruly, abused, dependent, and neglected children. In the state of Ohio, the law presumes that the mother has full custody of a child born out of wedlock, and accordingly the child’s father must pursue his rights by filing an action in the Juvenile Court. It is important for Father’s to establish paternity and assert their rights, if they want to play a role in the child’s life. Even if a Father’s name is on the child’s birth certificate, this does not ensure that the Father’s rights regarding custody are protected.  Our family law attorneys are available to assist you in understanding the Juvenile Court system and protecting and asserting your rights and your children’s rights with respect to these important issues. Our attorneys also can assist with modifying current juvenile orders. If there has been a sufficient change in circumstances, juvenile orders can be modified. The court looks to what is in the best interests of the minor child or children and they may appoint a guardian ad litem to help assist with this determination. Occasionally, a child will even be appointed their own attorney, depending on the circumstances. Additionally, our attorneys will represent people involved with cases where Child Services have become involved. If you are a third party hoping to intervene, the attorneys can help with this or if you are one of the parties already involved. There also are Grandparent visitation rights in Ohio, which can be asserted through Juvenile Court.  If the Parties were unmarried and a Grandparent is not being allowed visitation, it is possible that our attorneys can file an action on your behalf to receive visitation.

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