Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Daniel Williams

What is an OVI/DUI?

What is physical control?

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I only took my prescribed medications. Can I still be charged with OVI?

What are field sobriety tests?

I have not been convicted yet, so why is my license suspended?

I have a commercial driver’s license. What are the consequences?

I think I passed the field sobriety test. Why was I charged with OVI?

I took the breath test. Is it still possible to fight my OVI?

If my license is suspended, will I get any  driving privileges?

I was arrested at an OVI checkpoint. Is that legal?

Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Amanda Condon

Can a DUI conviction ever be removed from my record?

What is a pre-trial?

What is a bond?


What happens at my first court appearance?

Do I have to talk to the police?

What is a preliminary hearing?

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