Inadequate Supervision Led to Nursing Home Resident’s Death

Inadequate Supervision Led to Nursing Home Resident’s Death

Nursing homes are required to provide appropriate care to all residents, period.  Prior to accepting a resident, the care facility must assess the person’s medical and physical needs to ensure their facility can meet the specific requirements of every resident. With this in mind, we expect that a nursing home will take all of the necessary steps and precautions to ensure our loved ones are safe from harm. Unfortunately, many nursing home residents suffer from neglect and abuse. Lawsuits are often filed against Ohio nursing homes claiming that inadequate supervision, or negligence led to a resident’s injury, illness or death.

Improper Care Results in Pneumonia

In a recent lawsuit, an elderly man suffered from pneumonia and dehydration, which ultimately contributed to his death. It was alleged that his nursing home caregivers failed to recognize he was ill.  The staff did not seek prompt medical care and his condition deteriorated. Had medical treatment been provided sooner, the resident may have recovered.

Delayed Treatment May Cause Serious Health Problems

Young, healthy individuals can generally fight off illnesses more readily with their strong immune systems. In older adults, the immune system may be compromised and therefore, even a minor illness can quickly escalate and cause serious complications. Failure to identify this man’s illness due to lack of supervision, resulted in delayed treatment, and ultimately in his premature death.

Neglect in Nursing Homes

Neglect is a sad reality in some nursing homes. Inadequate care is sometimes the result of understaffing, poor training, or improper management. Caregivers should be trained to notice the signs and symptoms of illness. Any health-related issue should be evaluated by a doctor, and a treatment plan should quickly be initiated. Resident requirements change over time, and therefore the facility must be agile and prepared to adjust to a resident’s ever-changing status.

What to Do About Neglect

Relatives of nursing home residents should visit their loved ones as often as possible.  Recognize signs of neglect; Bruises, broken bones, pressure sores, and changes in behavior are all common signs that neglect could be occurring. The patient may also be reluctant to report any problems for fear of retribution. If you suspect neglect, it must be reported and your relative should be evaluated by a trusted physician. If your loved one suffered serious harm because of nursing home neglect, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact the highly experienced nursing home abuse attorneys at Dworken & Bernstein today!

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