Back Injuries are a Common Workers’ Compensation Issue Across Industries

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From construction sites to retail shops, back injuries are common in many industries. Whether you’re a skilled physical laborer or you work in an office, there’s always a risk of straining, spraining and otherwise injuring your back.

Back injuries can be acute or cumulative. Acute injuries occur after one incident: you can clearly pinpoint the cause and when it happened. Cumulative injuries can develop over time, through repetitive stress and overexertion.

If you develop a back injury at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Here are some of the most common mechanisms of injury we see in an industrial setting:

  • Lifting heavy objects: When your job requires you to lift heavy objects, you’re at an increased risk of developing back pain. Ideally, your employer should train you in the best ways to avoid injury and provide appropriate safety equipment when applicable.
  • Repetitive motions: Some repetitive motions can cause cumulative back injuries. Over time, the increased strain on your spine can cause long-term damage.
  • Poor posture: Jobs that require you to be on your feet all day can lead to back injury and pain, especially if you have poor posture. Alternatively, if you’re in an awkward posture for long periods of time, your back may suffer.
  • Inadequate recovery time: Even when you follow all safety precautions, you still need to rest between physical activities. When a job fails to provide inadequate physical recovery time, it can put undue strain on your back.

Avoiding Back Injuries at Work

Wherever you work, you can help prevent serious back injury. More employers are starting to understand the importance of ergonomic  principles. You might want to talk to your boss about receiving cushioned mats if you stand for a long period of time or ask about ergonomic office furniture as another way to mitigate injury.

Understanding how to lift heavy objects safely is another way to avoid back pain, no matter what the industry. Bending from your knees when lifting heavy objects or working with a partner are good ways to avoid injury. Also, putting heavy objects on tables or platforms can make objects easier to lift.

If your job has caused a back injury, receive help filing your workers’ compensation claim. Call Dworken & Bernstein for a consultation today.

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