Pursuing Bankruptcy If COVID-19 Has You Self-Isolating

Pursuing Bankruptcy If COVID-19 Has You Self-Isolating

The chaos created by the COVID-19 pandemic has left many people in Ohio considering whether now is a good time to file for bankruptcy. Fortunately, many courts including those in Ohio have temporarily loosened bankruptcy restrictions.

As a result, if you are self-isolated as a result of the coronavirus, it is helpful to remember that experienced bankruptcy attorneys are prepared to help you pursue debt-relief options.

Why You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney’s Help During the Pandemic

Even if you are in good health, representing yourself in a bankruptcy is a challenge. Not only is bankruptcy law complex, but making small mistakes can jeopardize the outcome of your case. It is a good idea to obtain the assistance of a skilled bankruptcy attorney.

While you might be able to locate a bankruptcy attorney through referrals, you also can locate a skilled bankruptcy lawyer by performing online searches. During the pandemic, the best bankruptcy attorneys will provide you with various options to avoid meeting in person. Some ways that you can begin sharing details about your financial situation with the lawyer include:

  • Video conferencing
  • Drop boxes for bankruptcy documents
  • Phone calls or email conversations

During an initial consultation, you will ask various questions about bankruptcy including how your lawyer will handle COVID-19 concerns. An attorney with substantial experience will clearly explain your various options during this initial meeting.

Exchanging Bankruptcy Documents During the Age of COVID-19

Bankruptcy is an intensive process that requires the completion of various detailed forms. To fill out these documents, you will need to gather many personal financial documents. Previously, an attorney would provide you with a document that you would return at a later date.

Many lawyers, however, have now created digital and more convenient systems to complete this paperwork. Some attorneys provide people with links to complete documents online. Other attorneys email bankruptcy questionnaires and request that a client scan and return these documents digitally. Other times, lawyers might request that you mail documents back.

Whatever option you choose to fill out your bankruptcy paperwork, it is critical to remember that the coronavirus can remain on paperwork as well as cardboard for a day or longer.

Often, you will meet with your lawyer soon after the attorney receives this paperwork. During this meeting, your lawyer will discuss any new details that were revealed while filling out these forms. Your lawyer will also decrease the chances of accidentally leaving critical details off your bankruptcy forms.

Bankruptcy Court Closings

Many bankruptcy courts in Ohio have closed in response to the coronavirus. Because each court is responding to this situation differently, your attorney can provide you with an informed perspective on how court closings will impact your bankruptcy.

Speak with a Bankruptcy Attorney

COVID-19 might have disrupted the lives of many people, but you should not let it prevent you from pursuing bankruptcy filings. If you need the assistance of an experienced bankruptcy attorney, do not hesitate to contact Dworken & Bernstein today. During a free case evaluation, we will discuss your various available options for taking control of your debt.

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