How to Identify a Safe Nursing Home

How to Identify a Safe Nursing Home

Tragically, nursing home abuse is rampant in the United States. Annually, millions of elderly and disabled residents are abused psychologically, financially, physically and even sexually. Knowing these statistics makes finding a safe nursing home for your loved one an even more daunting task.  As a loving family member, you want your loved one to be safe and receive excellent care, not to be distressed or even traumatized. If you are currently evaluating nursing homes for a parent or other family member, here is critical information for you:

  • Transparency: Reputable nursing homes are transparent with their practices and policies. If you ask to see them, the director should make them available and allow you to review them and ask questions. Problematic homes hold back information from family, friends and even the patients. Do not choose a nursing home that seems to hide something, especially if they seem to pressure you into signing a care contract.
  • Answers questions: Nursing home staff should welcome questions rather than react defensively. When you ask questions about care, health and safety, you should receive clear answers directly addressing your inquiry. Be careful of avoidant responses or worse, ignored questions.
  • Lower turnover rate: Nursing homes face high turnover rates. Of course, there are exceptions. A lower turnover rate shows staff members experience job satisfaction, which helps them become better caregivers. If a nursing home continually loses staff members, that raises concerns about management and supervision. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will begin reporting staff turnover.
  • Staff details: The nursing home director should explain staff members’ backgrounds and experiences. If they do not know this information or cannot offer a general overview, they either face high turnover or do not care. That does not bode well for your loved one receiving quality care and treatment.
  • Good COVID policies: COVID is deadly in nursing homes, so find a home with a high vaccination rate and low infection rate. Quality homes encourage vaccination and rarely face infections. Seek those out to keep your loved one safe. Ask about policies regarding vaccination and follow-up procedures if a resident or a staff member tests positive. 

If you suspect nursing home abuse, you should report the incident to the Ohio Department of Aging and call Dworken & Bernstein. The Ohio Department of Health investigates nursing home abuse allegations, but if your loved one is a victim, you may wish to hold the nursing home financially accountable. You or your loved one may be entitled to compensation for damages that occurred as a result of the abuse, including medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. We can help you! Call Dworken & Bernstein today for assistance with your case.

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