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Class Action

class action lawsuits

Class Action

Dworken & Bernstein’s award-winning class action team has been extremely successful in recovering damages in a broad variety of matters.

Dworken & Bernstein is nationally recognized as a leader in class action lawsuits. Class actions are highly technical and serve as the primary method to stop instances of corporate wrongdoing committed against a large group of people. Noted as a “tireless advocate” for victims of corporate misconduct, the head of the department Patrick Perotti, has been recognized as one of the top 75 trial lawyers in the United States. Our team is regularly appointed lead counsel in cases challenging consumer fraud, overcharges and violations of workers’ overtime rights. If you question whether a particular business practice is harmful to a large group of people, call us. Our review is free of charge and confidential.

Class Action

We help clients take the lead in advocating for similarly affected groups.

Our team of class action lawsuit attorneys has successfully resolved cases involving millions of dollars for more than 20 years. Led by senior attorney Patrick J. Perotti, Dworken & Bernstein has obtained relief for Ohio and national classes in matters concerning:

• Wage and hour law violations • Improper credit card charges
• Employment discrimination • Improper phone charges
• Defective products • Government program discrimination
• Real estate and escrow fraud • Educational discrimination
• Prepayment penalties • Consumer fraud
• Improper loan charge • Miscalculation of loan interest
• Fraud cases • False advertising


If you or your business are part of a group that you believe has been overcharged, discriminated against, not been paid overtime, or had your civil rights denied, contact any of the class action lawsuit attorneys in our offices. We’ll probe to see how we can help you and others.

Dworken & Bernstein is particularly proud to pursue this type of litigation not only for the benefit it provides to thousands of people through a single lawsuit but also for the philanthropic opportunities it can create. The firm has taken the lead in working to require that any unclaimed class funds revert to charitable organizations. Time and again, Dworken & Bernstein settlements have directed millions of dollars in contributions to charitable organizations ranging from Habitat for Humanity to the Special Olympics.

Take the lead by putting Dworken & Bernstein’s national reputation and experience to work for you and others in similar situations.

Class Action Attorneys

Patrick J. Perotti
Nicole T. Fiorelli
Jonathan Stender
Jim Timmerberg
Patrick J. Brickman
Frank Bartela
Richard Selby
Shelley Fleming

Civil Rights

Fighting for you.

Government officials and agencies violate basic civil rights of both individuals and businesses with shocking frequency. Civil rights aren’t just words on a paper. They are so important that our ancestors fought and died to protect them. Because of our reputation and size, we take on lawsuits that many other firms decline. We do not fear reprisal and instead have a reputation of being willing to stand up against wrongdoing to protect the rights granted by the Constitution and laws of our city, state, and country. Dworken & Bernstein has a track record representing clients in the areas of:
• Police brutality and false arrest
• Wrongful taking of residential and commercial property
• Unlawful denial of business permits or licensing
• Wrongful surveillance including wiretapping
• Prisoner abuse
• Wrongful death
• Negligent supervision by welfare officials
• Adoption and childcare abuses
• Zoning and land use violations
• Denial of free speech or assembly

Call us now for a free consultation.

Civil Rights Attorneys

Patrick J. Perotti
Jonathan T. Stender
Richard N. Selby II

Wage and Hour Law

Empowering employees.

Class action lawsuits are used when an employer violates wage and hour laws by not paying overtime, or having employees work off the clock. In a successful class action lawsuit, plaintiffs can recover damages in addition to lost wages.

Dworken & Bernstein is a leader in individual and collective actions for violations of state and federal wage and hour laws. We have successfully represented current and former employees to recover overtime wages and other uncompensated pay or benefits.

A startling number of well-known companies (Farmers Insurance, Allstate Corporation, Pacific Bell, Coca-Cola, UPS) have recently been caught violating wage laws, and paid employees millions of dollars in overtime and other wrongfully unpaid wages.

Examples of wage and hour violations include:

  • Failure to pay overtime because the employee is misclassified as an independent contractors or “exempt”
  • Failure to pay overtime because the employee holds a title of supervisor, manager, or exempt
  • Failure to pay overtime because an employee’s wages are mislabeled a “salary” .
  • Failure to pay overtime for employees who have had salaries docked for missed work, inadequate sales, or overpaid commissions
  • Failure to pay for time worked off the clock
  • Avoiding paying overtime by carrying over hours worked one week to the next week
  • Failure to pay employees for time worked during breaks
  • Failure to pay for time spent for travel
  • Failure to pay for time spent preparing for work or waiting to punch in
  • Failure to pay for time spent putting on or removing uniforms or equipment required at the job

In most wage and hour violations, the law allows compensation retroactive for two or three years and often the award to the worker is doubled (known as ‘liquidated damages’). If you want to see if your rights have been violated, please contact the wage and hour attorneys of Dworken & Bernstein Co. We will discuss your rights with you and determine how we can help you and others.

Wage & Hour Law Attorneys

Patrick J. Perotti
Nicole T. Fiorelli
Richard N. Selby II

All Class Action Attorneys

Patrick J. Perotti
Nicole T. Fiorelli
Jim Timmerberg
Patrick J. Brickman
Jonathan T. Stender
Richard N. Selby II
Frank Bartela
Richard Selby


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